• Specialized Drilling Equipment

    The best tools and the reliable service you need, when every inch of hole counts, add up to the very best value in downhole tools.

  • Performance

    Our in-house manufacturing and quality control, along with our strict material specifications and handling assure us of complete control in order to achieve high quality performance drilling tools.

  • Quality

    The people who work here are rarely satisfied with just building a tool, they need to improve it.

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G-Force Jars, LLC. was founded by members with a combined knowledge of over 50 years of experience in down hole tool design. ~Learn more about us..
***Click here to Download our Complete Brochure(PDF)  pdf file

***G-Force Jars has developed the SUPERFORCE Drilling Jar  

***G-Force Jars in-house Manufacturing is now ISO-9001:2015 Certified. Click here to View the ISO Certificate 

Why Choose Us

G-Force introduced the G-Force Jars and Drivers to the market and has been receiving glowing reviews. These specially designed Jars are bi-directional hydraulic jars which are much shorter than standard Jars in the market today. G-Force prides itself on Training and Service to our Customers. The Customer is always our #1 Priority..

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How does G-Force Hydraulic Jar's work?

G-Force Hydraulic jars use a piston (metering device) and oil to create a time delay.  Once the energy is stored, the jar piston bypasses (step), creating a hammer-and-anvil effect that imparts an impact load to the end of the tool assembly.

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Get in touch with us

Domestic Rentals & Driver Support
Contact: Scott Champagne or Kurt Guidry
Office: 337.330.8509

Jar Support
Contact: Homero Tellez
Cell: 281.797.4511

 International Sales
Contact: Scott Champagne or Kurt Guidry
Office: +1.337.330.8509

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