Product Features

"SUPERFORCE" Jar Design Features

  • High over-pull capability (with additional safety factor)
  • Greater than conventional jars of the same size
  • Longer free stroke
  • No other jar has a greater free stroke
  • Higher impact capability
  • It can hit harder than any other jar the same size
  • Hydraulic timer is self-compensating for hole temperature
  • Resulting in more consistent pull times
  • Mechanical up cocking lock prevents accidental cocking of the up jar section and firing of the down jar section
  • Lock is adjustable from 5,000 lbs. up to any practical maximum
  • Jar has rugged V-packing for extended service
  • Jar can be used for high temperature service with minimum packing changes
  • Jar has high tensile strength for higher impact service capability
  • Tapered end connections allow jar to transverse smaller hole radii as well as reduce fatigue damage to the tool
  • Optional “ZIP” lift or elevator lift shoulders available on upper end of jar for ease of use
  • Jar is fully pressure balanced against hydrostatic pressure
  • Jar’s large pump open area allows the tool to be run in compression
  • Jar will not automatically cock or fire with the pumps in normal drilling
  • Hydrostatic pressure strengthens jar
  • More over-pull capability with increasing hole depthSplines are constantly engaged
  • No rotary slack to cause directional drilling problems
  • Straight push and pull operation for easy jar operation
  • Torque trapped in drill-string doesn’t effect jar operation
  • Large through bore for passage of instruments
  • Negligible pressure drop through jar
  • Massive over-pull failure results on internal washpipe collapse
  • No parting of tool and no washout (Jar acts as a bumper sub)
  • Packing is preloaded to prevent low pressure leakage and seal compression set problems
  • Seals maintain sealing capability at any pressure (including at zero pressure)
  • All connections, shoulders and tensile/torque carrying parts are a fatigue resistant design. Additionally, the parts are cold worked to provide additional fatigue resistance (shot peened)

SUPERFORCE Jar Suggested Applications

  • Straight Hole
  • Directional Hole
  • Fishing
  • Work Over

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