The G-Force Impactor is a double acting accelerator used to increase the impact effect of the G-force Hydraulic jars. The Impactor stores concentrated energy in an optimal position in the Jar string. It helps to absorb impact shock waves that travel up the drill pipe allowing the drill string to be utilized closer to their yield loads. This permits higher pull loads to be placed on the hydraulic drilling jars. The Impactor provides the operator the ability to perform impact operation at or near the surface. The compressibility provides the necessary “stretch” to operate the Jarring equipment.The impactor supplies drive for the concentrated weights in the jars string in the same manner as the long resilient drill string. It is an efficient reservoir for storing energy since its stretch is confined to a short tool length. The increased efficiency and stretch provides a much harder hitting Jar system and increases the impact up to approximately a factor of three and can impact at much higher impacts depending on conditions. It will work on any drill string and provides a means to get higher impact load in a crooked or extended reach well, where drag is a significant factor. The Impactor/Jar system should be placed as close to the stuck point as possible. The impact effect diminishes as the distance increases between the Impactor and the Jar and the stuck point.

Download Impactor Brochure (PDF)

Coiled Tubing Jars

coiled tubing jars