Introducing the SUPERFORCE Drilling Jar

In 2012 G-FORCE JARS began developing a Double acting Hydraulic Drilling Jar.. The result was the SUPERFORCE Drilling Jar that incorporated new technology and surpassed the performance of the existing jars. The SUPERFORCE Drilling Jar can be run in all types of wells. They will hit harder, last longer and can be run in both tension and compression.

Hydraulic Jar Methodology:

The hydraulic jar utilizes an oil reservoir with some type of metering orifice and a bypass area. When the string becomes stuck, overpull is applied. As the force is applied the sliding mandrel will begin to compress the oil in the reservoir, forcing the oil to bleed off slowly through the metering orifice. This allows time for the drill string to establish the strain energy required for the jarring effect. When the piston on the mandrel comes to the bypass area, the oil bleeds off almost instantly. The hammer then speeds toward the anvil, impacting and transferring the drill strings stored energy to the stuck point.

Hydraulic Jar Operation:

The SUPERFORCE JAR is a double acting hydraulic drilling jar. The SUPERFORCE JAR is delivered to location in the OPEN position (approximately 29 inches of mandrel exposed) and usually will be open when it is pulled out of the hole. This jar can be run in tension or compression. When in tension the jar should be run above the weight transition zone. NOTE: Always allow 20% available bit weight below the jar.

UP STROKE: Pull on string until jar setting is reached and jar will trip.
RECOCK JAR: Slack off on drill string until NEUTRAL setting is reached. This should be slightly below the weight of the string above the jars. (Approx:10,000 lbs). There usually will be a noticeable sign such as a bobble on the weight indicator needle when the NEUTRAL setting is reached.

DOWN STROKE: Slack off string until NEUTRAL setting is reached (Approx:10,000 lbs) then continue slacking off to jar down.
RECOCK JAR: Pick drill string up until slightly above weight of drill string above the jar is reached. Free travel will be noticed and also a slight bobble on weight indicator when the NEUTRAL setting is reached.

NOTE: Probably need to pick up to 230,000 to 250,000 to recock jar. The down stroke to reach NEUTRAL setting is not as noticeable in most cases as the up stroke of the jar. In many cases, particularly in deep holes and with small jars, the down tripping can be detected by the weight indicator only jar’s NEUTRAL setting is reached. Also, Pump pressure affects the downward jar motion. ALWAYS shut down pumps before attempting to jar down.

Download SUPERFORCE Jar Information (PDF)