• Jar is shorter than most hydraulic jars
  • Higher impact capability, it can hit harder than any othe r jar of the same size
  • Maximum operating temperature 500 degrees F
  • Large bore for drop ball
  • Jar has high tensile strength for higher impact service capability
  • Jar is hydrostatic pressure balanced
  • Jar can be run in compression or tension

The G-FORCE Coiled Tubing Jar is a straight pull up and push down jarring tool that employs a combination of proven principles of hydraulics and mechanics.

  • The Jars unique design simplifies redress
  • Allows for easy, dependable service
  • No setting or adjustment is required before going in the hole or after the fish is engaged.

The G-FORCE Coiled Tubing Jar allows the operator to easily control the intensity of the jarring blows by varying the load. The jar can deliver a wide range of blows from low to very high impact and impulse forces.

The G-FORCE Coiled Tubing Jar is fully adjustable down-hole by varying the pull of the coiled tubing to fire up or slacken off to fire down. Cocking or resetting the G-FORCE Coiled Tubing Jar is automatic once the desired impact is delivered, just raise or lower the string to allow the proprietary metering mechanism to be reactivated. The G-FORCE Coiled Tubing Jar is again ready to deliver the next impact. There is no need to “Cool Down” the G-FORCE Coiled Tubing Jar as its proprietary design allows the jar to maintain its temperature and pressure compensation at all times.

G-FORCE Jar Suggested Applications

  • G-Force Coiled Tubing Jars are designed for coiled tubing operations, drilling, milling, fishing and other remedial work-over and completion operations.
  • Ultra-deep and hot well bores
  • Deviated, horizontal and vertical bores
  • Coiled tubing, snubbing or concentric
  • Tubing work strings

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